Parking Bumpers

Why Do You Need Parking Bumpers, Car Stops, Parking Blocks?

Whether you call them parking bumpers, car stops or parking blocks, they all do the same job. They help a parking lot transform from unorganized to organized. Everyone will know where to park without blocking someone or accidently parking to close to someone.

Proper parking lot maintenance is very important for business owners. The parking lot is the first part of your business that customers see, so it will be their “first impression” of your business. How you keep up with your parking lot shows how you keep up with the inside of your business and it shows how much you care about your business and about your customers. 

TUF-STOP parking blocks from Tuf-Tite Inc. are UV stabilized and made of high-impact polymer plastic.

Concrete Parking Bumpers come in Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Gray. Motorcycle Parking Bumpers come in Orange.

Concrete Parking Bumpers can be customized to fit your needs (Reserved, Pastor, President,  Employee of the Month, etc.).

See pictures below to see different uses.